Wood Sealant


ZEROVOC Zr44 Water Repelling Wood Sealer

“Eco Friendly “Green” Technology”

The major feature of Zr44 is its unique cross-linking mechanism, which locks the super hydrophobic materials into the pores of wood. As a result, the dimensional stability of wood treated with this system far outperforms wood treated with any of the leading water-based, or solventbased, organic products.

Zr44 is a non-film forming system that completely disappears into the pores of wood and does not provide a film to support the growth of mildew and bacteria spores. The net effect is, wood treated with Zr44 will not weather at near the rate of untreated wood or wood treated with typical organic stains and sealers. Zr44 is totally unaffected by UV exposure. Wood treated with Zr44 is also free from excessive cracking and deterioration caused by swell/ shrink cycles.

  • One-time application, repels water permanently
  • Substantiality increases the strength and hardness of wood
  • Non-toxic, no dangerous fumes or odor
  • Retards fungus, mold, wood rot and warping
  • Will not alter color or texture of wood
  • No reapplication every few years
  • Stainable and paintable
  • Extends the life of subsequent finishes by up to 400%
  • Harmless to animals and the environment
  • Available in clear or six natural wood tone colors
  • Retards deterioration caused by weathering
  • Non-film forming, will not scratch or peel
  • Resists penetration of grease, oils and acids
  • Contains NO volatile organic compounds

 Zr44 complies with ASTM D4446 Standard for swelling of wood and Federal Specification SS-W-110c for water repellency.

The Zirconium component in the system
remains in the surface layer allowing
for superior water “beading,”
so you know its working.