Pressure Washing


Home Washing & Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing & home washing is one of the best and most affordable ways to protect and increase a properties value.  Pressure cleaning not only improves the look of your home or building but protects it as well.

Pressure washing your house or office building every year can not only keep it looking good but can cut the need to repaint.  Sealwize of Charlotte pressure washing restores and extends the life of your property by removing harmful mold, mildew, dust and dirt.

Don’t overlook the many benefits of pressure washing and call us at 704-568-9461 to protect your residential or commercial property today.



Hiring a professional pressure washing company is crucial to achieving the results you desire, Sealwize of Charlotte can actually save you money.  Tackling the work as a do it yourself project that will end up taking hours of your time and requires you to rent commercial pressure washing equipment and buy professional grade cleaners, wood stains and concrete sealers.

With Sealwize of Charlotte, you get all you need from one company that knows how to clean the exterior of your home. If you want to have your deck cleaned and  sealed, your house pressure washed or your concrete driveway sealed, we are the ones to call.

Sealwize of Charlotte provides exterior cleaning services for everything around your home.  No one can offer you a better power cleaning solution than us.